Our Classes

Ability’s vs Age. We understand children learn at different paces and have different skills. We are committed to working with each child’s strength and abilities and aim to place the children in teams and classes that are best suited for them. This may mean moving away from friends, but will also lead to creating new relationships. Each child is individual to themselves and will progress as individuals within our school. The opportunities and training will always remain the same, but the lessons they attend and individual training at home will have an impact to how quickly your child progresses.

If we feel your children will benefit from being in a different class or team it will be communicated to a parent/Guardian beforehand to discuss it further. The teachers are trained to understand how to get the best from your child and will only place them in classes where they can be at their full potential.

These decisions are for the benefit of the children and are not to be challenged by parents.

Please understand that our teachers are highly trained and their decisions are final.

(Please see our class timetable for more information)

Our Tiny Classes

Our Tiny classes are the youngest class we teach.
Starting from the age of 3. These students explore their creative side through movement. We work hard to help build cognitive skills through their classes and love seeing their smiling faces while they build their confidence, make friends, and having fun.

While in our Tiny classes, we will explore the foundations of Dance and Theatre giving them the best possible start to their dancing life.

We provide the following classes for our Tiny dancers;
• Acro    • Ballet   • Tap   • Jazz   • Cheer   • Hip Hop • Musical theatre

Our Mini Classes

Our Mini students start from the age of 6. We start to teach these children a variety of styles while concentrating on technique and introducing famous and influential dancers and performers.
Whilst in class, students will explore through their dancing and start to find their unique dance style.

Mini students who study ballet and turn and technique will be invited to join the competition teams and represent the school at many competitions.
Mini students will begin to study and access graded exams, building their skills and knowledge around different genres.

We provide the following classes for our Mini dancers;
• Acro • Ballet • Tap • Jazz • Musical Theatre • Cheer • Hip Hop • Lyrical
• Turn & Technique

Our Junior Classes

As students progress into the junior section, they will access stricter dance classes, focussing on technique and skills to prepare themselves for senior classes.
Juniors will study and gain dance grades in different genres. Students attending Ballet and turn and technique classes may be invited to join the competition and elite teams to represent the dance school.

We will continue to help build up the students’ confidence and individuality through stylized dances. We will allow the students to do more improvisation to let them show the class what they have come up with. We believe this helps boost the confidence of each student.

We provide the following classes for our junior dancers;
• Acro • Jazz • Canes • Lyrical/Contemporary • Mixed dance • Ariel Hoop
• Ballet • Tap • Musical Theatre • Cheerleading • Turn and Technique
• Hip Hop • Street

Our senior classes

Our senior classes start from age 13. We aim to help our senior students decide whether they would like to pursue Dance and/or theatre classes as a career.

We will continue to give each student the best possible training with the newest techniques and we dive deeper into the founding and fundamental dance creators. We will give each child every opportunity to work professionally and give them casting opportunities wherever possible.

We provide the following classes for our junior dancers;
• Acro • Jazz • Canes • Lyrical/Contemporary • Mixed dance • Aerial Hoop
• Ballet • Tap • Musical Theatre • Cheerleading • Turn and Technique • Hip Hop • Street

Elite / Competition Teams

All Mini, Junior and Senior students who are placed into an Elite Team are required to attend Ballet and Turn & Technique classes.

Other Mini, Junior and Senior Students in Competition teams will be required to attend Ballet classes.

Ballet is an important aspect for many dance genres, including Acro and Lyrical, and teaches invaluable skills.

Ballet lessons are available to Tiny and Mini students on a Saturday Morning.

Miss Theodore’s Ballet lesson is available twice a month to any Juniors and Seniors. Nikki’s Ballet class is also available on Wednesdays.

From 1st April 2023, any students who fail to attend their ballet and Turn & Technique classes will be removed from the competition teams.  It is essential that all students within the teams remain at the same level and are receiving the relevant training.

This is not a requirement for Tiny and beginner students, as they will still be learning the basic skills but may be recommended if it is deemed that the student would benefit from the extra training.

Exam work is compulsory to all competition teams in all genres with the exception of hip hop/street teams and Musical theatre. Exams are also available to non-competitive dancers.